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The Prime Inc. Advantage+ Program is designed to provide many of the same benefits that mega-carriers like Prime Inc. receive every day. This includes fuel, permits, hotel, maintenance, and tire discounts at over 2000+ network locations nationwide.

Over the last year, members have saved an average of 10.6% on diesel using the Prime Advantage+ Card. These discounts apply at over 2000 fuel merchants including TA Petro, Kwik Trip, Ambest, Roady’s, Road Ranger, Sapp Brothers, Casey’s, Irving Oil (Northeast), North Star (LA Area), and SC Fuel (California).  Click here for a full location list:

No, there are no monthly or annual card fees and no transaction fees on fuel transactions with the Prime Advantage+ Card.  This program is absolutely free!

Yes!  You can can choose to apply for the credit option which will require a credit check and approval or you can choose the pre-pay option which is a guaranteed approval.

You can get maintenance and tire discounts at TA Petro, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Michelin dealers. For Michelin, there are discounts of 25% off the retail price at a network of over 2,000 locations nationwide.  For more information on non-fuel discounts visit this page:

Yes, there are fuel tax program discounts, bonus rewards, permits discounts, hotel discounts, maintenance, tires, equipment and diesel discounts available with the Prime Advantage+ Program.

You can apply for the Prime Advantage+ Program by calling  833-614-4234 or clicking Apply Now The application process is estimated to take less than 5 minutes.  Approval is guaranteed if you choose the pre-pay option or you can choose to apply for credit which is subject to credit check and approval.

When filling out your program application, you have the option to apply for a Line of Credit account, or a Prepaid account. Comdata will review your program application to determine the amount of credit that your account can be approved for.  You can fund your prepaid account via ACH or directly connect your debit card!

If a carrier has any questions, they can call the Prime Inc. Advantage+ support group at 833-614-4234, or email A dedicated Prime Inc. Advantage+ support representative will help resolve any issues that a carrier might have.

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